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We make Android Robot Assistants that represent your business and brand

We make Android Robot Assistants that represent your business and brand

We make Android Robot Assistants that represent your business and brand


We Make Custom Humanoid Robot Assistants

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Personal Android Robots

Our realistic, smart, and interactive Humanoid Robot Avatars are made of life like silicone skin offering the ultimate realism. The robotic skeleton is capable of performing human like motions such as walking, sitting, kneeling, picking light objects, etc. Developers now have a tool to test and integrate their own robotic and Artificial Intelligence software in a real robot. Discover a whole new world of possibilities.

Our Humanoid Robot Avatars use VR technology in order to learn to perform daily tasks in your business, house, university, industry, and government institution. Every task our Android Robot learn from you, new users, and developers make these robots smarter over time. Also you can profit from our technology as you can sell and trade the tasks and solutions you teach the robot to perform on Singularity.net

The uses of a Humanoid Robot Assistant are beyond imagination. These are the four main industries our robots will play a crucial part improving: business (marketing, advertisement, growth, clerical); healthcare (elder and handicap care, companionship, security); personal (housekeeping, surveillance, entertainment); and government (R&D, university research and education, hazardous deadly jobs).

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Personal Household Robots

Our Personal Humanoid Robots are the next technological frontier in robotics. Discover the unlimited possibilities this Household Android Robots have to offer. Our personal household robots will learn from you how to perform tasks in the house, or at work because they are surrogates robots meaning that the user can take full control of the robot in real time and teleoperate them from anywhere. These robots can mimic all of your body motions to perfection an do everything you do. This is possible thanks to the integration of virtual reality with our robotic technology.

Business Robot Assistants

Our Business Humanoid Robots are specially made to bring customers to your business doors. Our Android Robot Receptionist are capable of welcome, provide assistance, answer questions, guide, entertain customers entering to your store or business. Also they can provide services, make sales, display your brand, and make suggestion to customers. Open your business to a whole new world of possibilities with your own Business Receptionist Robot and attract thousands of new customers to your doors.

Custom Android Robot

Have a special robotic project on your mind. Now is your chance to make it come true. We will work with you in order to make the perfect Humanoid Robot base on your needs and robotic vision. Reach out and let us help you on your next project.

Humanoid Robot Avatars

Eden Robotics has a proven record of excellence in designing and manufacturing humanoid robots for industrial, commercial, research, and personal use. Begin exploring a whole new terrain in robot-human interaction with the quality, affordability and multiple functionality of our humanoid robot avatars. We have created the perfect humanoid robot hardware system capable of learning complex tasks and mimic human motions with VR teleoperation technology. Start developing solutions for your company, R&D, or personal needs today.