Business Robot Assistants

Business Industries Served


Fashion retailers now have the power to offer the ultimate marketing and advertisement solution that can bring thousands of curious customers to their doors. Our mannequin robots and android robots will interact, offer guidance, entertain customers entering your store and display your brand in an interactive way.

Small Business

EVA Business Receptionist Android Robot is specially made to bring customers to your small business doors. Open your business to a whole new world of possibilities with your own Business Receptionist Robot and attract thousands of new customers to your doors.


Own the world most advanced Android Robot Assistants to be the face of your corporation. Our Android Robots will be custom made to your specifications and look. These robots can give tours, answer questions, make sales, close contracts, and anything imaginable in order to grow your business exponentially


The future of smart manufacturing has arrived. Now you can use a humanoid robot to perform the world more tedious, hazardous, dangerous, deadly jobs ever safely without putting workers at risks.

Health Care

Our health care humanoid robots are specifically design to offer superior care for the elder and handicap. These robots are under development but if you are a healthcare professional and want to develop further into this assistive robotic technology get in touch with our team.

Government & Universities

Need an Android Robot to do research and development, test your robotic software, or work on your thesis now is your chance to see our robots in action and unlock the full power of robotics.

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