Android Robot Making

The Making Of An Android Robot

What is and Android Robot?

Imagine a world in where you don’t have to wake up at 6:00 am in the morning to go to work. All because you have a trained android robot working for you at the office. Then you wake up by the warm smell of coffee, pancake, and bacon made by your own android robot maid. Now imagine a world in were a robot perform the world most dangerous and deadly jobs. Humanoid Robots working inside a nuclear plant cooling pool, a heavy machinery manufacturing plant, and performing biohazard jobs. All without risking a human worker which is sitting at a safe distance controlling the robot movements. Imagine a world in where a handicap person can control an android robot to perform tasks before impossible for him/her. This is what my business is trying to solve but in this new and uncharted industry there are infinite problems a robot can be used for such as space exploration, Mars colonization, mining, military bomb disposal, and healthcare robots. My business target B2B and B2C at the moment. In B2B we offer advertising robots such as robotic mannequins, and android robot secretary. In B2C market we offer customers Household Android Robot Maids and adult industry Android Love Dolls. At Eden Robotics we manufacture Advanced Android Robot Assistants that target businesses, consumers, and government agencies. Our ultra realistic and ultra smart robots offers the ultimate human-robot interaction because we integrate our robotic hardware with virtual reality technology. Welcome to a new technological era of robotics.


Android Robot for Business

The next generation of advanced android robot assistants

If technology work for us then we can spend more time in what matters most family, health, quality of life, and pursuit of happiness. A technological solution that eliminates daily household task from our to do list allows unlimited valuable time. A solution that do daily tasks at work opens a whole new world of possibilities. A solution that allows a handicap person to do tasks before impossible such as working in any job, cooking, etc it’s magic.

Our Android Robots are the world first fully functional Personal Assistant Avatar. Our advanced android robots are capable of learning from the user to perform daily tasks at home or work. This robots can perform any kind of household duties and perform any kind of light duty job. These android robots fall under the category of avatar / surrogate robots. This means they can mimic the user head , hands, and body movements to perfection. This feature is extremely important for handicap persons.

Our android robot has 20 degrees of freedom skeleton, body is made of soft realistic platinum silicone so it looks just like a real female. It has 2 battery sets 6V 10Ah that last for 5 hours, a microcomputer board control the 20 servos. They are controlled over Bluetooth from your personal device, pc, laptop with an easy to use robotic software. With the integration of our robotic hardware with virtual reality technology such as Oculus Rift, or HTC Vive kit our android robot can learn to perform useful daily tasks from the user or be teleoperated to mimic user moves. We use advanced Artificial Intelligence program for interactive speech, robot behavior, and understanding of the world around.

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